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Ambivalent | 2021

Unlike what is often thought to be true, Ambivalence does not always foreclose on new possibilities. It is often black and white thinking that is limiting and rigid. This way of unilateral thinking is often applied in an effort to avoid the discomfort of ambivalence. It is however the ambivalent state of mind that facilitates creativity, dynamic problem solving, and abstract thinking.

The AMBIVALENT project focuses on integrating contradictory characteristics into a single object.

The rigid property of the sturdy brass alloy is balanced by the gentle fluidity of the waving patterns in the sheet.

Light reflections casted on the wall portray the warm flames and serene feelings of a bonfire whereas the crackling sounds caused by the inner tensions in the metal resemble a state of stress and coldness.


When the discrepancies manage to co-exist successfully amongst each other, the results can be innovative, unexpected, and often exceed our expectations      


photo by Philipp Berndt - Oslo, Norway 

photo by AOG - Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Atelier Oscar Greve

Ambivalent | 2021

CM |   L 98   W 30   H 9 cm

MATERIALS | brass, PLA, inox, acrylic, electronic components 

Ambivalent - Film 

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