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Temporal Translation | 2021

For as long as we can remember, we have been perceiving time as a cyclical continuum. However, cyclical implies that once a moment passes, it will come around at another instant. This way of thinking downplays the true value of time.

In this day and age, it seems of utter importance to realize that time only moves in one linear way and that any moment we lose or any opportunity we fail to seize will  not present itself the next day but will fade into our history. 

Modern Western cultures tend to think of time in a three-part structure, past, present, and future. Where tomorrow is fundamentally different and separate from yesterday. Progressive agendas, forward momentum, and continuous change result into linear time becoming a pre-dominant mindset.


Temporal Translation is inspired by the realistic passing of time, forcing its contemplator to face its real value and thus, making the adequate choice in every moment of its life.  exhibited in a linear-motion with cyclical time as its core.


Temporal Translation

Atelier Oscar Greve

Temporal Translation | 2021

CM |   L 119   W 48   H 14 cm

MATERIALS | acrylic, PLA, inox, brass 

Temporal Translation - Film 

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