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Origins | 2020

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To become more conscious about the products we consume on a daily basis and at a faster rate than ever before, it is of great importance to become aware of its origins to truly appreciate its existence. 


The long list of hidden materials that compose the final product are often sourced from all around the world. Ambiguity about the sourcing of materials and ethics within the manufacturing and assembling processes are often buried beneath aesthetically pleasing ads and minimalistic designs.


ORIGINS reminds the spectator to question the origins of the products we consume and to analyse its possible impact on our limited resources and production methods. 


This work reveals its labour-intensive production process and raw materials by ceasing the build in the very midst of its production. 


   An Origin without an ending.


Atelier Oscar Greve

Origins | 2020

photo by Marcus Ganahl - Dornbirn, Austria

photo by AOG - Amsterdam, the Netherlands

CM |   L 92   W 92   H 51 cm

MATERIALS | brass, PLA, acrylic

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