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Casted Contrast | 2022

Casted Contrast represents the clear distinction between the order of wealthy metropols and the choas in less advanced poor areas.

Modern cities are easily recognizable by the geometric architecture and skyscrapers that define the skyline and economic prosperity.

At the other end of the spectrum we find a chaotic grid where details, uniformity and brightness are lost in order to continuously feed the upper area with the energy needed to shine and to parade its succes to the world.


Casted contrast is a series of works in which light conducting acrylic tubes of different diameters are being burried into a solid piece of Calcast. Left-over wood is used to produce an handmade single-use mould resulting in unique pieces with different characteristics.




DEZE xx.jpg

Atelier Oscar Greve

CCO002 | 2022


CM |   W 68   H 189 cm 

MATERIALS |  Calcast, PMMA, Carbonized Beech, Mirror

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